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How to Eat an Elephant

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time!

This is a favorite saying of mine especially in the face of a task that feels overwhelming. While it can seem more comfortable to have a plan and execute it, typically things change as a process unfolds and the reality is that you have to be ready and willing to pivot in order to find your way. If you take things step by step then you're in a much better place to adapt to the unknown.

So how do you start? Gary Douglas the founder of Access Consciousness™ would say that every day you should ask what is required. It seems simple, but when you use your awareness instead of your logic you are more able to take into account the things you can't necessarily plan for ahead of time.

One example is when planning an event once I kept trying to book the location but kept getting a clear awareness to wait. Ultimately I needed a space that was completely different than the one I'd chosen early on and while I couldn't have known that ahead of time I was aware enough to know that it wasn't time to book yet. It saved deposit money that wouldn't have been refunded AND time! Yes, I was incredibly uncomfortable with having the venue as an unknown that long, but in that situation it was required.

I'm not saying 'don't do things until the last minute - it'll be ok'. Quite differently, I'm suggesting that you use your awareness over a to do list that you check the boxes from top to bottom. The to do list isn't wrong - not asking your awareness to contribute as well can just lead to sticky situations that slow things down unnecessarily.

So how am I planning this massive 50 state tour to bring more consciousness everywhere in America? There are so many moving pieces in actualizing over 60 classes that it might seem overwhelming and thus a non-starter or otherwise not worth it. I just keep asking - what next? What is required now? Who could I talk to? and with these everything is unfolding with a lot more ease than I ever imagined possible.

Do you have a brilliant idea that you've written off because you've assumed it wasn't possible or it felt like too much? What else is keeping you from going for it with your dreams?

Can I be of assistance? Reach out for facilitation and consider my upcoming free Being Iconic taster class.

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