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Access Bars®

Who could have imagined the profound impact that touching 32 points on the head would have?  That's Access Bars®, a simple, rapidly growing technique that you can learn in one day and is practiced globally in over 170 countries & territories. So whether you found yourself here because you heard about Access Consciousness® somewhere or maybe it was Access Bars® itself that brought you to my site or hearing someone say POD & POC which piqued your curiosity.  Either way, welcome!

The best way to learn more about the Bars is to get your bars run or to take a one-day workshop with a Bars Facilitator. During a class you learn about the 32 points, additional tools for inviting consciousness and ease joy and glory into your life as well as having the opportunity to gift and receive 4 sessions total.

On this page you can find the answers to some of your questions about running bars and hopefully enough to invite you into the awareness that a completely different reality is possible and that you can choose it!  

I facilitate Access Bars® classes globally in French, Spanish, and English at this time.  See below for a list of currently scheduled classes.

My Story & An Invitation

September 11th, 2001 my life changed.  Then one morning about a year later I woke up in sweat soaked sheets that had been twisted off the mattress after a panic attack inspired alcohol binge and I knew that I couldn't go on that way.  In that moment I chose that no matter what it took I would find a way to heal my PTSD and I was willing to try ANYTHING to succeed.  Over the years I did try everything that came my way.  I spoke with therapists, engaged with family constellations, somatic experiencing, EMDR and EFT; tried adding into my body medication, plant medicine, and herbal supplements; and I was still willing to try every single alternative healing method I could find. I had some success with some things but the panic attacks and traumatic responses were never far from my reality.  I remember one time when it was particularly bad when I couldn't get out of my car for 45 minutes after I got home; I was completely paralyzed in fear.  The trigger?   Nothing. Eventually someone I met at an event told me about Access Bars® and said they thought I'd dig it.  That was it. A simple invitation to check something out altered the course of my healing process.  At this point I can't even remember the last time I had to alter my life because of my PTSD and anxiety.  So, now I'm extending the same invitation to you that was shared with me.  Check it out, see if it resonates. Some of the miracles that I've seen defy description but the simple ones can be the most profound for a client: A person with BPD who struggled to leave a toxic work environment for 5 years left within two months of starting to get his Bars run.  A woman with her face half paralysed by Bell's Palsy saw her face regain some motion after a 15 minute Bars session.  I've seen people like me with PTSD stop ruling their lives, others overcome childhood traumas, and suicidal ideations disappear. What else is possible for you and your clients?  Are you interested in finding out? Access Bars® as a modality is in over 170 countries & territories globally and is growing rapidly.  Would it benefit your clients and your practice to take a class and see what it's all about? An Access Bars® class is a one day training that allows you to practice with paying clients, family, and friends by the end of the day.

Upcoming Access Bars® Workshops

Are you interested in attending or hosting a class in your area? Access Bars® classes are updated and added on an ongoing basis so check in regularly and sign up for our monthly-ish newsletter.


Most people have a lot of questions when they first hear about Access Bars®. This is just your starting point though because a question is the most empowering thing that you have on your side! 

Also these are some of my favorite links
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How much does an Access Bars class cost?

Access Consciousness sets the price for Access Bars globally. Right now the first time taking a Bars class is $440 for anyone 18+, $220 for those 16 or 17,  and free 15 and under.


What happens in an Access Bars session?

Every Access Bars session is different but you can expect these things to be consistent. To start, you'll be fully clothed throughout the session. There will not be music playing, and you should take off your watch. You'll lay back on the chair or table to get your bars run. The Bars Practitioner in your area will start by doing energy pulls on your head, hands and sometimes your feet. Then they will touch the bars points and let them run to dissipate the energy locked up. Access Bars can NOT be run at a distance and having a session requires you to be in person to receive. If you can not get to a Bars Practitioner and you would like to explore the tools of Access Consciousness you can choose to receive a virtual Symphony of Possibilities (SOP) session instead.


What is global pricing?

Some countries in the world have a different price based on the economic conditions as determined by Access Consciousness. Your price is based on where you live. You can find out what your price for any given class is on the class listing on the Access Consciousness website or by speaking directly to your facilitator.


How long is an Access Bars session? How many Bars sessions will it take to create change?

An Access Bars session can last as long as you have the time for and for how much you are willing to spend. I've seen increadibly effective Bars sessions that have lasted anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 1/2 hours. The beauty of an Access Bars session is that it takes as long as it takes and time often doesn't limit the possibilities. Yes, miracles can happen in 20 minutes. You need as many Access Bars sessions as you would like to have. There is no magic number of Access Bars sessions that are required in order to change your life. What you clear in an Access Bars session stays cleared; depending on what you've got going on and what you choose to create in your world will depend on how long it takes to see changes. Many people start to see things shift after just one session. Many just enjoy receiving getting their Bars run so much that they keep choosing it!


Do I qualify for repeat pricing?

After you've taken one Access Bars class you qualify for repeat pricing. How does it get better than that? That means that any future Bars classes you take would be 1/2 of the price at the time you take the next class.


What does an Access Bars session feel like?

When you get your Bars run, you may be surprised that the way it feeels changes each time. When you're working through the energy locked into your body the Bars can run hotter, the energy might feel zippy like electricity moving. Some people notice they get more chatting, or fall asleep! Don't worry, neither will make the session less effective. Sometimes people have old memories come up. There's no right or wrong way to experience a session. Just talk to your Bars Practitioner if you have any questions.

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