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Workshops, energetic bodywork treatments for horse and rider, equine yoga, yoga for equestrians, mindfulness training

I grew up riding horses every day, all year round; caring for them morning and night.  Engaged intensely in competitions, I learned early and well how to 'do it right.' I did a great job, won a lot of ribbons and had fun while keeping my chiropractor busy.  What I didn't do was ask a lot of questions and I assumed everything I was told was correct and that there was one right way to do things.  Boy, did I have a lot to learn. 


In my youth, I set out to master being great and eventing was how I sought that out.  I am a "B" level graduate from Pony Club that had been given clearance to test out at the HA & A level prior to aging out. I made it to Pony Club Nationals multiple times for both Know Down (knowledge) and Combined Training. I worked with Prince Eric Von Augsberg, Ann Kursinski, and Rebecca Coffin amongst other notables in the field.  I trained through Intermediate level jumping regularly at the Millbrook Equestrian Center and competed through Training level.  I trained on 3rd Level FEI dressage movements and successful regular competitions at the First level.  I loved every minute I spend with horses and my horses Butch &  Ziggy are part of how I made it through high school alive and without getting in (too much) trouble.  


And then life happened and time passed where I could only ride and be with horses intermittently.  I thought I'd never have a horse again. Fortunately, I was very wrong...


Late in 2021 I had my first opportunity to ride regularly again and I even considered having a horse. All the joy and peace that a horse can bring combined with a lifetime of mindful practice and my training through Access Consciousness allowed me to start asking questions for the first time about what I wanted to create in my life and having horses involved became a high priority.

What is possible for me and horses that I've never considered?  was a question that I often asked.

This is where you step into this journey with me.  A few years back into it and with a lifetime of awareness and study in mindfulness.  My bay tobaino paint horse Aztec is my business partner and just as much involved in choosing what we do on a given day as I am; possibly more so.  He is one of my greatest reflections on where I am mentally and as a being.  

We'd like to invite you into this life of play and exploration with us and hope to see you soon at a workshop or event.


Yoga with Horses Teacher Training from Kindred Spirits Wellness Center 

Equine OM Certification *pending* EOC

Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Practitioner CHCR

Talk to the Animals Intermediate Practitioner TtTA

Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment (ESSE) Practitioner

Body Process Practitioner & Facilitator BPF

YTT200 Iyengar inspired Hatha Yoga Teacher from Karuna Center for Yoga & Healing Arts in Northampton, MA 

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The depth of your connection with your horse can be enhances through yoga.  Beyond the physical postures, horse yoga brings you more deeply in sync with the fantastic being with whom you are sharing time. Breath, mindful connection, and postures round out this practice which can be one on one or workshop based.


The athlete's body requires diverse movement in order to remain supple, healthy, and able to be at peak performance.  Yoga as a practice is hugely beneficial for balance while riding, core support and stability, and mental sharpness.  Both horse and human can benefit from this time that the rider spends on the mat stretching and strengthening their physical body.

YTT200 from Karuna Yoga in Iyengar inspired Hatha Yoga

Currently taking Advanced Yoga +300YTT

Warrior Two


Have you considered what your relationship could be like with your horse?  What they could teach you about yourself? 


Consider having a one on one session with your horse.  This may include breathing exercises, listening in a different way, meditation, mindful walks, unmounted postures

Please inquire even if you do not have a horse that you can easily use. 


Animals love to have energetic body work done.  You see their large yawns, sticking their tongues out and pretty soon their head is reaching towards the ground. 

While what it 'looks' like for each horse can change, fundamentally it IS possible to create a change for the horses.  I've personally seen lameness issues shift, personality challenges soften, vices disappear, and other 'miracles.'  

The target isn't a specific shift, but instead how to be a contribution to the horse.  

White Mane

“A man on a horse is spiritually, as well as physically, bigger then a man on foot.”

John Steinbeck

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