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POD & POC: The Magic Wand you might not have heard about...

Have you ever heard someone talking about changing something and then say POD & POC that!

What's a POD & POC?

They're using the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement something that you can learn in a few minutes or at any Access Bars class. POD & POC is the short form. The long form is Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, POD & POC, Short, Boys, POVADS and Beyonds.

That's a mouthful! Fortunately, just saying POD & POC is equally effective to remove the limitations that you stuck yourself with.

What can the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement change? Give it a try and see!

What's are limitations? All the crap in your life getting in the way of you being happy, having the life you would like, and just about anything else that isn't working fro you that you can come up with.

Wait you stuck yourself with something limiting? Yes, sometimes you do. And then sometimes what is being destroyed and uncreated are the limiting points of view and limiting beliefs that you've bought from others. Dr. Dain Heer often calls the Clearing Statement the biggest upgrade to personal development since, well, personal development. You can learn more about each element and the statement itself here in a conversation between Dr. Dain Heer and Simone Milasas.

So the next time you have something come up that you get isn't creating the life that you'd like to have? POD & POC it and see what happens.

How do you do that? You can simply say: Everything that is POD & POC!

OK, perhaps you've heard someone using a clearing statement after a seemingly long bunch of gobbledygook and you're worried that you won't know what to say? You can try -> everything Gary & Dain would say here POD & POC! You can insert the name of just about any Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator here as well, we're all well versed in helping to suss out the energy that isn't working so that you can have more of you!

Note: For the beliefs that you've had for a long time or about something that you've decided simply MUST be true and real it can take using the clearing statement more than once.

Creating a loop of a clearing that seems to be helping you is a recording of the statement over and over so that you can dig yourself out the layers of limitation and get to the clarity that you know is possible. So whether it takes one time or 1000x give it a go and see what it creates!

Anything that doesn't allow that POD & POC!

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