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What is a Body Process good for?

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

What does a Body Process do? and What's that good for? are two of the most frequent questions that I hear when people are considering trying out a Body Process class for the first time.

Let's walk through it this way -->

Each process is an energy.

Each energy creates something different for every individual body.

This also changes for the same body on any given day because it body changes constantly.

(Yes, that means you are always growing up!)

Inevitably this response leads to the next question:

How do I know when to use it and who to use it on?

Ask the body! is a response you'll probably hear this answer a lot if you start using the tools of Access Consciousness™ and are interested in working with helping bodies be healthier.

Yes, it really is that simple that when seeking to create the greatest change possible for someone you simply have to ask their body which body process it requires (and also often where it require the process to be run.)

Sometimes clients will come to you asking for a specific process then you run with them. Other times you will just have an awareness that a given process will be a contribution and if they are open to it you can go with that.

I've even heard of people being out at the grocery store and noticing the unique energy of a body process turning on and contributing to the people around them! What else is possible that you've never considered?

The next time you go for something and are seeking a solution what if you came to it with a question? What is this body asking for? What does this body require that I can contribute to it?

Go for it! If you haven't taken a particular body process as a stand alone class what would it contribute to you being able to offer that process to others? Is it something your body requires? It can be super potent to have everyone running the same energy together at the same time in the same space.

You can also consider taking a 3 Day Body class where you'd be running any one of the 60+ energetic body processes with a partner. That's the certification that I'm working towards by teaching each of the individual body processes as a stand alone class. While you run 6 processes and receive 6 processes over the course of this class, the advantage is that you receive a manual and enough energetic work that you are able to run all the processes once its over.

I've experienced both a single body process class and a 3 Day Body Process Class in the past and equally enjoy them even though they are different. Ask yourself what would be fun for you? What would be a contribution to you right now?

If you'd like to see which body process classes that I have coming up head on over to the events.

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