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New Jersey 2023

I'm on the road this year to tour of all 50 states in order create a potential for more consciousness across America using the tools of Access Consciousness. I've been a seeker of spiritual truth & personal healing from trauma, and communion with the planet for decades and am looking froward to sharing some of my favorite tools with you.

Here's what I have planned for New Jersey in 2023...

Upcoming in Livingston, NJ!

Body Process classes allow to you experience a new energy that is out there. With new awarenesses things tend to start to shift - even with a single molecule. What could change for you? Come find out! This class will be Elimination & Eradication of Permanent, Eternal, Perpetual Hysteria of the Trifold Sequencing Systems

There will also be another visit to NJ in October - look for updates on this same blog!

Symphony of Possibilities (SOP) Group Tasters and Energetic Bodywork session will also be available. Please reach out to book as they will be limited in number.

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