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Ohio 2023

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Upcoming in Cleveland!

I'm getting ready to hit the road for my tour of all 50 states to bring more consciousness everywhere across America using the tools that I've learned over decades of seeking spiritual truth & personal healing from trauma, and communion with the planet.

Here's what I have planned for Ohio in 2023...

April 8th full day

Access Bars Class™, North Olmsted 32 Points on the head that can change your life along with tools to help you know what you know.

August 17th day Access Energetic Facelift™, Westlake or Tremont t.b.d. August 17th evening, 18th - 20th full day

The Foundation, Tremont Change your life through exploring the foundation you've created. Learn 2 new body processes along the way as well.

August 18th

Symphony of Possibilities Group Taster, Tremont

August 19th

Breathwork, t.b.d. Metropark

*payment in advance required*

Upcoming in Columbus!

Body Process Class dates t.b.d.

Symphony of Possibilities Group Taster dates t.b.d.

Ohio Bars Exchange & Practitioner get together dates t.b.d.

Symphony of Possibilities (SOP) Group Tasters and Energetic Bodywork session will also be available. Please reach out to book as they will be limited in number.

This blog post WILL be updated if more gets added to the itinerary so save this link.

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