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Pennsylvania 2023

In the cold and snowy beginning of this year before I chose to follow the inspiration to travel to all 50 states and teach the tools of Access Consciousness™ I was invited to facilitate a Foundation class in the beautiful hills that surround Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was a blast to get to enjoy the people and the place and it gave me the interest and courage to follow this dream. Thanks to everyone there for that gift!

Here's what I have planned for Pennsylvania in 2023...

I'll be going back to Pittsburgh at some point to facilitate an Access Bars™ and Body Process classes. I'm also talking to a host in Philadelphia to create Access Bars™ and Body Process classes there as well. I wonder what the infinite possibilities for Pennsylvania are and who wants to contribute to creating a greater world by bringing more consciousness to the state?

Symphony of Possibilities (SOP) Group Tasters and Energetic Bodywork sessions will also be available. Please reach out to book as they will be limited in number.

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