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The Unfolding of a Choice

Set scene: It is early October 2022 in Bleiblerville, Texas at the Lazy Double D Ranch where Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer's raise their Texas Longhorns and Costarriscense horses. I'm hosting Simone Milasas for Business Done Different, an Access Consciousness™ workshop, and we are streaming world wide the Joy of Business tools for shifting the way you engage with commerce. The wide Texas sky and the land is welcoming more space of being and the majesticness of the sunsets regularly brings tears to my eyes.

In all of this space of possibility there was a moment when Simone encouraged us to reach further than we'd though was possible. What could I create that was both beyond what I'd thought I was capable of and fun?

(pause for dramatic effect)

Immediately the thought that popped into my head was that I could go to all 50 states in America and facilitate the tools of Access Consciousness. This is not something that would light a spark in every person, but for me this possibility roared to life as being a choice that would create greater for everyone.

And then time passed, but the seed had been planted and this March I chose to create what I knew was possible.

I'm clear on one thing: I'm getting to every state and facilitating a class using the tools of Access Consciousness. Period. End of sentence. I like it this way. Simple and undefined. Whether it takes months or years or I don't choose to complete the target

it will be a success because I will have chosen something greater than I was being and I went for it.

And so the choice begins to unfold into possibilities. You can learn more here.

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