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I'm trying so hard. Why isn't it working?

A well dressed woman waiting for the subway train. The photo is blurry to indicate dissonance.
'Waiting' photo by: Kirsten Bonanza

Do you try so hard to make things happen in your world only to have no results or different results than you were hoping for? Do you wonder why nothing seems to be working?

What if there is no need to try? Just being yourself allows for the pieces to fall into place. Seriously, show up without expectations and see what happens!

Take Burning Man, for example. Every year since 2011 tickets for this experiment in sustainable living & intentional community sell out in minutes. It doesn't hurt that the 10 Principles include a gifting environment that includes some serious parties and radical self-exprerssion develops some epic artwork. The FOMO (fear of missing out) factor is so huge at this point that not only does it drive up anxiety and pressure and decrease the amount of time you can snatch up a ticket, but there's now a high tier ticket sale for the burn called the FOMO sale for those that can't imagine missing out.

I've been to the playa 5 or 6 times and I even though ticket sales were strained every time I went, I didn't worry about getting a ticket after my first time. Why? I observed playa magic in effect - which is kind of like the law of attraction meets serendipity meets being in the flow meets... you get the gist? Breaking it down: a decision to go brings a ticket. It just happens. No need to worry or try.

Don't tell me that it's not like someone will show up and offer you a ticket, because I've heard of that happening. Don't argue that you can't possibly pack and plan for something before having that ticket in hand; you can. Every action that you take towards the goal you've set, or a life milestone builds the energy of that creation and helps to actualize it. Tell people you would like to go. Pack. Plan meals and other camp needs. If you can't afford it borrow equipment.

Why approach any part of life differently?

The planning and plotting of life to get it right or to have it happen exactly how you have scripted gets in the way of actualizing those desires.

There is no limit on what you can use to create your future and what you can do to bring it closer to being? Are you willing to do what's required to have the future you desire?

What would it take to get out of your own way and start building?

Would you like to work on this with me?

Starting Friday 7/18 What's the Point?, a 2-part teleseries.

1on1 facilitation and group coaching programs are also available.

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